Who We Are

Interstate MUD is a Municipal Utility District that provides water and wastewater services in our district in the Katy area. Our boundaries are from I-10 to Kingsland and from Westgreen to Mason.

Beyond ensuring vital utilities and playing a leading role in conserving water in our area, Interstate MUD is committed to building a better future for our community. We believe strongly that public parks improve the quality of life for area residents and benefit the environment at the same time. They also increase property values.

At Rick Rice Park, we have greatly reduced our water usage by implementing forward-thinking landscaping and irrigation ideas.

For example, we created a sustainable landscape design that minimizes water use. We implemented a water budget for the park that is in line with the proper amount of water required by the plants and trees. We also installed a centrally controlled irrigation system with 24/7 monitoring. These efforts resulted in a savings of 2.81 million gallons of water during the calendar year 2015 compared with previous periods.

Additionally, Interstate MUD performs an important public service by maintaining 69 fire hydrants throughout its district. A hydrant survey is done on an annual basis, and it includes the following tasks: checking for leaks, inspecting gaskets/caps, conducting a pressure test and a flow test, and adding lubrication if necessary. The hydrants are painted once the repairs are completed.

Interstate MUD understands the importance of leading by example and takes pride in showing our customers and other districts what can be accomplished when addressing outdoor water conservation. By taking proactive steps, we are helping to ensure an abundant supply of water for all of our constituents to enjoy now and in the future.


Tax Rates
The district’s tax rate for 2023 is $0.32 per $100 of assessed valuation.

Water and Sewer Rates
Water and sewer rates are assessed according to the type of user, as shown below. Also, all users pay the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) GRP fee, which is an additional $3.70/1,000 gallons for ground water and $4.10/1,000 gallons for surface water.

District residents classified as either family users, multi-family users with individual meters, non-taxable users, or irrigation users shall be charged for water service from the district on a monthly basis according to the amount of water used in accordance with the following schedule:

Amount of Payment Water and Sewer Usage
$14.25 Minimum monthly charge (1,000 gallons)
$1.50 Water rate per 1,000 gallons metered water usage (over 1,000 gallons)
$1.50 Sewer rate per 1,000 gallons metered water usage (over 1,000 gallons)

For multi-family residential users with a master meter, the following rates per month, or any part thereof, shall be charged for water service to apartment units served by a master meter:

Amount of Payment Water and Sewer Usage
$14.25 Minimum monthly charge (1,000 gallons per unit)
$1.50 Water rate per 1,000 gallons metered water usage (over 1,000 gallons)
$1.50 Sewer rate per 1,000 gallons metered water usage (over 1,000 gallons per unit)

For construction connections (temporary connections used to provide water for construction or site improvement prior to initial occupancy), monthly charges will be $1.50 per 1,000 gallons of water used. No water usage for such purposes shall be permitted until the district’s operator has installed a construction meter, and a fee and deposit have been paid to the district.

For irrigation connections (connections used exclusively for irrigating land), monthly charges will be $1.50 per 1,000 gallons of water used. While a tap fee is not required, a fee covering any costs incurred by the district in the installation of a connection shall be paid to the district.

Fire protection connections. A fire protection user who installs a private fire protection line with a fire hydrant(s) or sprinklers, or requests the installation of such a line, shall be responsible for all water used on that line. The fire protection user shall be charged $1.50 per 1,000 gallons of water used.

District Information

Legal Documents

District contact information:
Interstate Municipal Utility District
3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600, Houston, Texas 77027
[email protected]

Board of directors:

James P. (Rick) Ellis
Joe Mattingly
Michelle Shen
James Kennedy
Kevin Atkinson

Campaign finance reports

James P. (Rick) Ellis (posted: June 4, 2024)
James Kennedy (posted: June 4, 2024)
Michelle Shen (posted: June 4, 2024)

Monthly meeting agenda

  • Current — 2024-08-13 at 11:30 a.m.

Monthly meeting minutes

Annual Energy Consumption Report – May 2019 to Current

District Audit – 2023

District Audit – 2022

District Audit – 2021

Landowner’s Bill of Rights

Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Rate – 2022

Notice to Purchaser of Real Estate

Order Levying Taxes – 2023

Order Levying Taxes – 2021

Rate Order

Resolution Establishing Addresses and Methods for Texas Public Information Act

WHCRWA – Notice of Fee Increase

Board of Directors Elections

Legal Disclaimer

Bond Election Documents
The District does not currently have a pending bond election.

District Boundaries

Emergency Notification System

Interstate MUD provides an emergency notification service to warn its customers about events and situations that threaten health and safety. This service is called Immediate Warning, and you are encouraged to sign up to receive these alerts. In the event of an emergency, your knowledge of the circumstances will be a great benefit to your local community.

You can choose to receive the alerts via a text message, an email or an automated phone call. You will be notified when the urgent matter has passed. There is no fee to participate; this is a free service provided by Interstate MUD.

Please click on this link to sign up: